This year traditional structure of EASA has become irrelevant.
EASA 2020 takes on a fundamentally new shape, adapting to the current situation.
One centralised event will transform into multiple spread out reactions. National meetings will be held in each country, united by a common theme and an interactive platform E-EASA.

The theme of this year is apathy. We will try to consider this phenomenon in all its manifestations, ask questions and look for answers.
To explore this contradictory phenomenon, we will go to the village of Grushevka. To the place as controversial as the topic.

Accommodation: sport school in the city of Lyakhovichi (3 km from Grushevka).

6-8 bed rooms with shower and toilets on the ground floor. The cost – 10 rubles per night.

P.S more comfortable accommodation are available.

We will eat on our own and go to restaurants.

Leaving Minsk 25.07.2020
Returning to Minsk 04.08.2020
! Hiking for one night !
! Excursion day !
! Movie nights !
! Parties, but that’s not sur !
! Actually, we can do whatever we want !
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